Ángel Schlesser A/W 20/21

Daniel Rabaneda, the creative director of Ángel Schlesser, has managed to internalize the Schlesser spirit in his personal imagination is something that we discovered several seasons ago. With this new installment, however, the designer achieves a natural evolution of his latest proposal (Spring / Summer 2020) in which the use of intense colors gives depth to a collection marked by fluid silhouettes and relaxed sophistication.

Checks, knitting and crochet are in charge of complementing the warmth provided by outer garments. In all its simplicity, it is hopelessly appealing.

Chronicle of  NUALA PHILLIPS

The lines of this collection of accessories by el Cardenal x Ángel Schlesser are marked by a serious and distinguished character.

We use materials and shapes that are reminiscent of classic leather goods; colors such as burgundy, black or vanilla, which, applied with a twist of silhouettes and techniques, adapt perfectly to the Schlesser woman.

el Cardenal created 3 models:

1. ‘Chapata’ bag

Conceived for an artistic woman who needs a bag that allows her to carry her personal belongings and artistic material. It is reminiscent of an executive briefcase, but with a silhouette twist that ends in a much more feminine product.

This bag has 2 variants:

·Maxi ‘Chapata’

Same as the original, but much longer.

·Mini ‘Chapata’

Smaller than the original one, and its handles are made to intertwine with those of the ‘Chapata‘ bag. Thus serving to be able to transport long objects, such as brushes for painting.

2.’Óvalo’ bag

Hand bag, based on an oval shape. Its handle ends in a knot. It has a variation that is the ‘Óvalo’ with strap, which incorporates an adjustable shoulder strap finished in fringes.

3. ‘Inverted tote’

This model is based on an asymmetric variation of a classic tote bag. Stretching from the sides we create this more abstract and fun silhouette.