le Parody

For le Parody, we worked in an aesthetic-conceptual orientation and in the creation of costumes

Sculptural dress ‘Mercurio

This sculptural dress was designed and made in our atelier for this concert at Casa América, Madrid.

The space is characterized by its architectural and decorative richness, and we wanted to make a piece that would accompany the space. This dress is made of semi-rigid material with a mirror finish, so that while le Parody moves, both the gold of the environment and the lights of his instruments are reflected.

Palio | Duelo

le Parody and Ruiseñora publish a double single, el Cardenal was in charge of the EP image and the creation of the video clip for the single ‘Palio‘.

Providing pieces from our archive and making the rest in our atelier, such as the linen cloth that is decorated with small golden metallic pieces reminiscent of a skull.

In this video you can see pieces such as the red moiré dress from the ‘Paracelso’ collection, pieces for the head such as the one holding impala horns or the crown from which small crystals hang, all made by hand in our atelier.


el Cardenal, collaborating with 240×120, generated the images for press and for the cover of the EP in collaboration with Califato 3×4: ‘la Puerta | Puerta de la canne‘.

The pieces that le Parody wears were created in our atelier, such as the heat-moulded PVC top, the shirt in that very specific green, reminiscent of still-wet seaweed, and the skirt made from videotapes.